Do you know that by 2018, 45% of the fastest-growing companies in the world will “employ” more smart machines and virtual assistants than people? Or that over $5.4 billion has been invested in over 1000 startups throuh venture capital and angel funding?

Artificial intelligence is not just a sexy buzz word but quickly becoming an integral part of tech innovation. In May, 2017, I participated in Seattle’s Startup Weekend (Artifical Intelligence edition) where we developed a “deep learning” sidekick.

The Challenge

To conceptualize, code, and pitch a business concept that would use artificial intelligence to make life easier.

The Solution

FIN was the 1st personal assistant app that would use AI to help you manage your tasks & time more efficiently, progressively learning more about you to understand your habits, priorities, and frequented locations.

Voice-enabled through your phone, FIN could suggest an ideal Monday schedule based on your to-do’s and meetings. Geo-location enabled, FIN could even remind you to get your car washed that Friday when you happen to be next door to Brown Bear car wash.

I played the role of “Director of Marketing” and lead the discovery process of fleshing out our idea, provided multiple rounds of feedback to developers who coded the prototype, created a full brand identity, and pitched our concept to a room of 100 technophiles & 4 judges.


The Outcome

After 4 gallons of coffee, 18 accumulated coding hours, and 53 hours since kickoff, our team earned 3rd out of 24 competing startups.

Skills Used

  • Public speaking
  • Project management
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Storytelling
  • Strategy

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