Climate Mayhem

Stop the mayhem! A podcast about for-profit companies saving Earth.

What on 🌍 is Climate Mayhem?

We’ve spent hundreds of years damaging our Earth, we’ll need to spend billions saving it.

So, what are for-profit companies like Impossible, EVgo, and Cloud Paper doing to change history and get us out of this climate mayhem? 

Join Earth-loving biophiliacs and startup geeks, Ty Wolfe-Jones & Jakub Kubicka, as they speak to climate-tech leaders and brave change-makers as they create AND capitalize on solutions, to solve some of the most complex climate challenges. 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, & TuneIn. Check out our Show Notes here for all of the actions & links we’ve shared on the show. Send us your ideas or feedback with our What-The-Climate? Listener Mail Form. And follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Climate Mayhem is produced by Jakub Kubicka and Ty Wolfe-Jones. Sound design and mixing by Daniel Steenkamp, with original artwork by Harrison Williams.

Our Approach

We’re not taking the science approach, the government approach, or even the social justice approach, but the business approach. Why? It’s the closest to the consumer (i.e. us) that we can feel everyday. 🌳

Our Hypothesis

We can’t fix our looming environmental issues, without for-profit companies being a major part of the solution. The government can’t be held solely accountable, but each of us CAN as everyday consumers.

Whether that’s in the groceries you choose to buy, the kind of car you drive, or the companies you choose to work for or start, every decision you make is a vote in either serving or hurting this big beautiful blueberry. So, what’s your vote? 🫐

Our Guests

We gathered climate-tech leaders, troublemakers, and smart cookies from every sector of climate-tech (btw, what’s climate-tech?) including reforestation, EV chargers, solar energy, carbon capture, plant-based foods, flood mapping, and even alternative paper products like bamboo. This gave us well-rounded research to really dive into the impact we can make in our everyday lives. Now, you ready for a mic drop? 🎤

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