“Several things stood out to me. First, he was ‘hungry’…..to perform, to learn, and to excel in his deliverables. Second, he did his homework…..read materials and asked thoughtful questions. And finally, he wasn’t afraid to jump in and run…”

Katelyn Reams, Facebook Product Marketing Manager

In a world where 81% of consumers have exited a webpage because of a pop-up ad, digital advertising is getting harder and harder for brands.

Not to mention the millions of businesses that spent over $50 billion with Google and Facebook in 2017 alone, depending on them as their sole sources of paid user acquisition. Little do they know this is the equivalent to investing an investment account of equal proportion, into 1-2 stocks. Extremely risky and quite foolish.

Rover had something else in mind.

The Challenge

Drive more sitters to the marketplace by exploring as many new paid channels as possible in a 7-week time period and $100K. With the aim to:

  1. Discover a promising new channel that could eventually be scaled
  2. Garnering insights & learnings from “failed” channels

The Solution

Rigorously create a streamlined process to 1) research, 2) produce creative, 3) launch campaigns, and 4) analyze & optimize.

Top channels were picked based on 3 factors: 1) self-serve option (for quick launch), 2) large monthly active userbase (for scale potential), and 3) targeting capabilities (audience or geographical).

Couple with the mentorship of seasoned marketers and a nimble creative studio, I was able to test & optimize 7 channels:

The Outcome

6 out of 7 channels tested showed high CPAs, well exceeding benchmarks set by staple sitter acquisition channels.

That said, 1 was a winner, Jobcase, given the ability to 1) target job hunters (i.e. those “in market” to become a sitter), and 2) the ability to set and control CPAs by setting a “bid” to acquire prospects in particular cities.

Skills Used

  • Digital Advertising
  • Channel Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Creative Development

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