#66: Veteran Operator at UberEATS and Bungalow, Alex Rodriguez, will make you really WANT a DADU (and know what the hell it is) (Part 2)


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Alex Rodriguez is the General Manager of Abodu, the premiere DADU company. What’s a DADU? Stay tuned and you’ll find out.

Before Abodu, over the course of 4.5 years Alex worked at some impressive marketplaces he was the Partnerships Lead and Operator @ UberEATS for Seattle & Portland and Regional Market Ops Manager @ Bungalow (co-living spaces).

Alex Rodriguez holds a bachelor’s degree at an American College in Greece, which you’ll hear more about soon!

This conversation was a delight! Alex comes from a unique background that brings a KEY perspective to marketplaces.

This episode is particularly valuable for an Operations Manager or Specialist in a physical marketplace and interested in hearing from someone who’s rolled up their sleeves & improvised at some fascinating marketplaces. As well, a founder or entrepreneur who wants to be the front-runner in a market and everything it takes to get there.

We dive deep into…studying & living in Greece, equine therapy, operating a 3-sided marketplaces, getting his hands dirty building partnerships w/ UberEATS restaurants, building supply AND demand @ Bungalow, How Abodu is a game changer for both families + investors, and the well-oiled machines of standing up an DADUs.

We think you’ll like this one!

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Show Notes

  • How Alex is the GM of a startup called Abodu [1:17]
  • How do you think about the chicken or the egg problem? [2:30]
  • How are you going about building a customer base? [8:09]
  • 3 different demographics for Abodu customers [9:15]
  • Who’s the 3rd demographic? [11:24]
  • What’s the secret sauce to Abodu? [13:31]
  • How standardization is streamlining the Abodu product [16:52]
  • There’s a housing shortage in Washington [18:09]
  • What is the growth plan for Abodu? [19:34]
  • How does something like Abodu scale? [20:27]
  • How many markets are you in right now? [20:52]
  • Rapid mayhem questions! [23:44]
  • What’s the next big step change in marketplaces? [29:51]
  • Where can we find you? [32:42]

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