#70: Affiliate Marketing = The Perfect Marketplace Top Soil? Partner Marketing Savant & Award-Winning Marketing Leader, Brian Marcus (Part 2)

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Brian Marcus is a thought leader in affiliate and partner marketing and has been @ some of the largest brands, Google & eBay.

Although he currently is a Senior Director of Product Growth @ impact.com*, he’s had a career of bringing performance marketing CHOPS to every brand he’s joined.

Over the course of 10 years, Brian has built entire marketing programs, lead teams who managed >1,000 Advertiser Affiliate programs, authored The Ultimate Guide To Partner Marketing, and was named one of PerformanceIn’s “Top 50” most influential performance marketing leaders of 2020.

This conversation was…extremely interesting! 

Brian dug so much into DIGITAL marketplaces and how there is so much open, untouched territory in the affiliate & partner marketing universe. You can tell he deeply enjoys teaching, by the way he holds court reveling in stories & providing explanations for what could be complex for a newbie listener.

We dive deep into…the “digital” marketplace being built @ impact.com, getting brands (i.e. demand) to join a digital marketplace 1st, the evolution of the affiliate space, creating MORE supply to balance the supply/demand power dynamics, and so much more.

This episode is particularly valuable for someone who wants to learn about digital marketplaces, but doesn’t know where to start, or executives and startup founders who want to leverage an incredible “3rd, hidden giant” outside of the 2 behemoth’s of Google ads & Facebook ads, at often what ends up being an incredible CPA & CVR.

BON APPETIT, dear listeners.


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Show Notes

  • Sounds like you need to listen to what each partner needs. How do you do that? [1:17]
  • Do you find it to be true, that there is often a “supply shortage”? And if so, it shifts the power to the supply (publishers)? [6:22]
  • How content is the “new frontier” right now [9:03]
  • How does impact.com get more brands? [10:23]
  • Is there any paid marketing that happens to acquire new brands? [11:20]
  • The concept of “pre-selling” [12:40]
  • How the attribution problem is a major issue [14:39]
  • Credit Karma is a great example! So are you saying there is room for a marketplace tools company? [15:03]
  • How does an influencer maintain authenticity? They need access to lots of brands [18:49]
  • The trend in distrust of online advertising [21:23]
  • Rapid mayhem questions! [24:40]
  • Where can we find you? Any asks of the audience? [31:49]

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*NOTE: since the original recording in September, 2021, I joined impact.com to help grow the Supply side (i.e. publishers, content creators, influencers) of their marketplace. In short, I liked the marketplace so much, I joined the company (name that ad)!

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