#73: What does the Utah Jazz, Passive Income, and the ‘Uber of Storage’ all share in common? Casey Schow, Head of PR @ Neighbor (Part 1)

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Casey Schow is the Head of Communications and PR @ Neighbor, a peer-to-peer storage marketplace.

Before Neighbor, he cut his teeth and built great ‘career capital’ at Nu Skin, as a PR Manager that managed global reputation results.

Back to Neighbor: over the course of 4 years Neighbor has achieved rapid-scale growth: commercial square footage on its platform grew nearly 25x, they received series B funding of $53 million, and expanded nationally to nearly every major city in the US.

Finally, Neighbor has been named a “World Changing Idea” by Fast Company & was a finalist in Eric Schmidt’s “American Dream Ideas” challenge, as a company improving middle-class income. Disrupting the $40B storage industry while creating passive income for Americans is no small feat, but Neighbor is doing it & doing it WELL.

This conversation was very educational!

We dive deep into…how peer-to-peer storage is a key contributor to the rise of a “different work-from-home”, the unique PR storytelling perspective of Neighbor, unlocking new sources of “Supply”, and the low cost barrier that unlocks storage for almost every American.

This episode is particularly valuable for FOUNDERS early in their journey who are curious to hear WHY you would consider PR to grow & engage a customer base, or entrepreneurs with an ambition to launch a highly disruptive marketplace and where to start.

Have a hoot with this one!


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Show Notes

  • Can the Utah Jazz get it done & go all the way this year? [4:24]
  • What exactly happened last season (for Utah Jazz)? [6:00]
  • ‘A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor’ Why does this quote resonate with you? [9:06]
  • Neighbor is a great example of a zero-to-one company [12:14]
  • The inception story of Neighbor [13:13]
  • How long ago was Neighbor started? What was Neighbor doing the 1st 3 years? [16:34]
  • What’s your role at Neighbor? Are you the 1st one in this role? [20:00]
  • Why did you choose to join Neighbor, as the marketing-PR guy? [21:06]
  • What nuisances are you starting to learn? The biggest questions you’re digging into? [24:46]
  • If you changed & opened up the “type” of Supply, do you open up the TAM? [27:33]
  • How Neighbor is “pandemic-proof” [29:03]

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