5 Marketing Certifications To Build Career Capital (At No Cost)

Job hunting can be tough as hell, especially in the marketing world. A catch 22 of its own, it’s a profession with a huge supply of eager candidates yet few spots on the roster.

This is especially true for junior marketers.

Eager to cut their teeth, you can run into dozens, perhaps hundreds of job descriptions asking for years of experience you haven’t collected and certifications you don’t have. What’s a hungry young marketer to do?

Get certified, that’s what. I found dozens of complimentary certifications and courses by world-class companies in the digital marketing world, and given a little agency, can set someone up for massive success and blast them apart from the competition.

Over 18 months, I’ve looked at over 270 marketing job descriptions and found the following 5 qualifications consistently desired by companies like Amazon, Zillow, and Moz.

Hence, I’ve provided the exact free certification course to check that box and put that skill under your belt. Enjoy.

“Strong understanding of the basics of marketing”

  • Tool: Intro to Marketing (taught by Wharton Business School, arguably the top business school on Earth)

“Strong analytical skills and experience with campaign reporting and data analysis”

“Manage company’s social media handles; curate and post content and monitor interactions”

“Eye for design, attention to detail; experience crafting compelling creative briefs”

  • Tool: Canva Design School (quick and easy design courses, particularly powerful for copywriting, graphic design, and writing creative briefs)

“Ability to implement and fix tracking code and tag management solutions”

If these certifications still don’t seem like enough, consider taking your new marketing chops and either 1) starting your own freelance business or 2) being your own “case example” and using these skills to grow your own personal brand.

Often what companies want is application.

Knowing you’ve gotten your hands dirty and can work well under pressure while still doing your job well and making smart decisions.

Well hell, why not show them what you’ve got and be your own boss?


Can you relate?

Are you interested in growing your personal brand?

Learn how to differentiate yourself from competitors, engage & retain true followers , and ultimately a more cost-effective way to grow your reader base, all WITHOUT buying followers or spending up the wazoo.

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