#95: Chasen Cunitz: The Power of Talking About Climate, What the EPA is Really About, & Strawberry Bears? (Part 2)

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Chasen Cunitz…works at the US Environmental Protection Agency and is a self-proclaimed EPA ‘super geek’ & is excited to spread the passion!

Chasen has to be 1 of the most fascinating Earthling you’ll hear on the show, given (among many things) the beautiful arc of his career: after working in the oil & gas industry in Alaska as a lawyer, Chasen left to get lost in the Alaska wilderness where he spent 8 years diving deep into remote hamlets and meeting native American communities affected by climate change. Only in recent years did he start working at the EPA.

We know what you’re wondering: what exactly is the EPA & what REAL impact have they had in their 50 years of existence? We’re glad you asked and we’re excited to share some stories in today’s episode!

We dive deep into…What’s the abbreviated story of how the EPA was started? What’s the EPA’s point-of-view on climate action & sustainability? Who exactly is the EPA’s audience? What unexpectedly good things are coming organically in nature through climate change? And most curious of all: What in the world does ‘catching a crab’ mean? It’s NOT what you think! 🦀

This episode is particularly valuable for…job seekers who have flirted with the idea of working for the government (the EPA is hiring), nature enthusiasts who appreciate the rawness of a place like Alaska and the soulful communities that live there, and finally anyone with a philosophical bone in their body who enjoys thinking about the meaning of life and their role within it.

Chasen will leave you optimistic, wanting to embark on the world & the mysteries it possesses ⛰️

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Show Notes

  • [0:35] Are these some of the (EPA) grants that come into cities and communities, to make homes more environmentally friendly?
  • [3:14] Where does the EPA ‘play’? When should they or should they not get involved?
  • [6:30] EPA has been positioned as ‘anti-business’. What do you think about that?
  • [9:50] Who is the EPA’s audience now?
  • [13:29] Do EPA grants go to businesses (for-profit)?
  • [14:51] Is there funding to university R&D departments?
  • [16:32] What are the unexpected good (or weird) things coming from climate change?
  • [19:38] In a cage match between a polar bear vs. a moose, a polar bear will win?
  • [21:14] If someone were to go into this space, and they wanted to a climate consulting business, what are your tips & tricks?
  • [24:52] How do I find the needed allies in climate & sustainability?
  • [26:16] The power of well-framed, researched emails
  • [27:00] Rapid mayhem questions!
  • [31:44] limate change is so big, people often feel helpless in helping. What is the equivalent of what a listener can do?
  • [33:23] Where can we find you?

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What have you heard about the EPA? What do you think they SHOULD get involved in, related to businesses? Share your thoughts below 👇

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