#38: What Does Green Day, The Killers, and Marketing Leader, Collin Smith, All Have in Common? A Formula to Build A Diehard Fanbase (Part 2)

Collin Smith (@Collin Smith) is a marketing leader at a multi-billion dollar, global wealth management firm, with an emphasis on employer branding and culture.

Prior to working in the financial services industry, Collin worked at Cinder Block, a major merchandise and marketing agency with clients like Green Day, Radiohead, the Killers, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Here he implemented creative integrated marketing campaigns before the major adoption of the internet, driving repeated merch and album sales while developing diehard fan bases in the process.

Collin holds a Bachelor of Corporate Communications degree from the University of Maryland.

Collin really is a master of human psychology and influence, something that has lead him to craft his professional path. Together during this episode we answered the million dollar question: how do you cultivate a fanatic fan? Whether that’s a concert attendee, customer, or monthly active user, I don’t doubt you’ll find this applicable and worthwhile.

This episode is particularly valuable for anyone who wants to build a world-class brand but doesn’t know where to start. Through this episode, Collin provides you the right angle to approach this from and 3 different, key tactics immediately at your finger tips.

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Show Notes

  • So the audience and the culture define the decision and the bigger orchestration (of a company)? [0:42]
  • How to approach a designer not as “ordering a pizza”, but “talking with a dietician” [2:45]
  • What’s an example of “participation” among your customers, (as the final ingredient) to develop a fanatic? [6:09]
  • How did you rebuild a brand? [13:21]
  • Rebuilding the brand, entailed what as an outcome? What were the collaterals. [17:00]
  • What year did you release the new brand? [22:00]
  • So how is the financial services company tangibly or intangibly different (after the brand rebuild)? [23:32]
  • How can I help? [30:59]
  • Where can we find you? Any asks of the audience? [36:27]
  • How Collin is seeking insights (from you) into what it means to be “transparent” in a company culture [38:00]

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