#35: 2x Freestyle Frisbee World Champion, Daniel O’Neill, on Breaking into Recruitment Marketing and Creative Sales Approaches to Unicorn Startups (Part 1)

Daniel O’Neill (@guardianofthedisc) is a 2-time Freestyle Frisbee World Champion and World Urban Games Gold Medalist, former Cirque du Soleil performer, who happens to also be a subject-matter-expert in recruitment marketing.

Daniel was formally the VP of Business Development at Bayard, one of the oldest and most reputable ad agencies in the world. Prior to Bayard, he worked at Recruitics where he cut his teeth on programmatic job ads and was a top sales performer, bringing in clients in the rapid growing “gig economy” space.

Outside of programmatic job ads, Daniel is a world-class freestyle frisbee performer and has been a dancer with the world famous Pilobolus dance theater, is Tournament Director for the Freestyle Frisbee World Championships, and travels the world doing what he loves.

Daniel holds a Bachelor’s in economics, theater, and dance from Columbia University.

This episode is particularly valuable for 1) FOUNDERS who want to consider recruitment marketing for say, a marketplace with buyers & sellers, or 2) SALES leaders who are seeking creative business development strategies for generating new business through sales.

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Show Notes

  • What is speed flow? [3:59]
  • What would speed flow look like if I was watching from a distance? [5:10]
  • How did you start playing freestyle frisbee? [8:22]
  • What made you want to study dance in college? [10:06]
  • What kind of dance did you study in college? [11:53]
  • How has dance and freestyle frisbee shaped you? [13:19]
  • Did you see The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman? [17:42]
  • How did you get into the marketing realm? [18:58]
  • Did you consciously start gravitating towards marketplace companies? [21:49]
  • What are programmatic job ads? [26:45]

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