#93: Ever.Green: Supercharged by the IRA, A Unique Way To Raise Funds, & Can We Save the Climate With Tech? (Part 2)

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Michael Leggett (@leggett) & Cris Eugster (@Cris_Eugster) are the co-founders of Ever.green, a company making investing in solar projects easier, faster, and more impactful. 

Their audience are companies and real estate developers to whom they sell RECs (renewable energy certificate), for a soon-to-be-built solar project (think of a field of solar panels in a rural area). They then work with solar developers to execute the project (remember this word: additionality). And finally, they report the impact the solar project had for the environment & communities!

These guys are wicked smart, each bringing different strengths and some legendary experience (for example, Michael was the design-lead for Gmail 😱).

We dive deep into…How is the REC market far from perfect? Why do companies buy renewable energy? Is it easy for companies to participate in renewables? Can companies who buy renewables get both impact AND profit? How about startups? And finally, What’s it like having extremely tall, twin sons 👬🏼?

This episode is particularly valuable for…renewable energy geeks who want to nerd out on how solar projects and RECs work, or entrepreneurs who want to hear from top-notch founders who know how to take something from 0 to 100 and make it fly high 🦅

These guys are the real deal!

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Show Notes

  • [1:29] What have you learned about the money in the space from institutional investors? Is there appetite for this.
  • [5:59] Private equity vs venture capital. Have you seen a big difference around this?
  • [7:24] How hard sciences and physical world is going to be critical for the climate solutions we need
  • [9:22] You say we’re not moving fast enough. Why?
  • [12:01] How velocity matters in the climate fight.
  • [15:02] Why do companies need to buy renewable energy? Why should they care.
  • [18:28] How do companies get more access to renewables through Ever.green?
  • [21:53] What is the theory of RECs? How do they work
  • [26:08] Rapid mayhem questions!
  • [30:40] People often feel helpless in taking action. You’re a B2B play; how can the average consumer play into this?
  • [36:17] Where you can find Ever.green (https://www.ever.green)
  • [37:00] What about consumers? What companies should we be bugging?

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What challenges do you think we face in the distributed solar space? Are Cris & Michael on to something here? We’d love to hear your thoughts 👇

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