#42: From 9 Ball to Evocalize Marketing Director, Gabe Gervelis, on the Future of Digital Ads for Ecommerce (Part 2)

Gabe Gervelis (@ggervelis) is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Evocalize, a SAAS that provides embedded digital advertising technology to CRMs, portals, and marketplaces.

To simplify that, it’s a SAAS that creates highly targeted display ad via embedded Facebook and Google ads. There is really nothing really like it, you can learn more about what they do and how they can help your business create new revenue here.

Prior to Evocalize, Gabe founded and lead teams at several digital ad agencies around SEO, audience targeting, and content marketing. After building his client-base to over 50 (including major airlines and retailers), he crossed over to the dark side and decided to help brands grow from the inside, as their Director of Marketing (Aduro Life, Decisive Data, Evocalize).

We break down search engine optimization, a quick history of how this has changed over the past 20 years, and a series of decisions a startup has to go through in order to maximize their SEO and be ranked well on Google.

This episode is particularly valuable for 1) a founder or marketer seeking a basic understanding of SEO and the key role it’ll play in organic lead generation (new customers), or 2) anyone wanting to understanding internet marketing and it’s evolution over the past 2 decades.

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Show Notes

  • Why is it important to have search volume? [1:40]
  • How you have to be a conductor, as an SEO practitioner (and communicate with leadership on SEO) [5:19]
  • What are technique or strategies for inbound link building? [8:00]
  • What is Search Engine Marketing? [12:50]
  • How the age of Google Ads Practitioner is ending, and data-driven, mass-scale learning programs will be the future [14:20]
  • How the past believe that small business, was doomed compared to big business, was actually wrong [19:06]
  • Rapid fire questions! [27:27]

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