OBAM #4-Aaron Galer On Being A Man

What does it mean to be a man? What’s media perception on being a man? On Being A Man probes, interprets, and unravels perspectives on these important questions in a day & age where more than ever we challenge male & female identity, gender, and personal image.

I had the fortune of sitting down with Sharply Brand Ambassador and supply chain buff, Aaron Galer, and have an organic, loosely structured conversation one evening in downtown Seattle, while my brother, Jan Kubicka, joined the dojo. In person, Aaron Galer comes off like the quintessential, all American guy: he was starting quarterback all 4 years, has an impeccable style that’s spawned dozens of sponsors & followers, rocks a There Will Be Blood mustache with unflinching confidence, and is a remarkable storyteller. But he surprises you. Although he grew up in the Midwest to an All-American family, he has deep Catholic roots that run throughout his personal narrative. But I’ll let him tell you more. I bring you Aaron Galer….On Being A Man.

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