#83: DroneSeed: Going Big with Drone-Based Reforesting, Launching a Carbon Offset Flywheel at Rapid Speed (Part 2)

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Grant Canary is the founder and CEO of Droneseed, a startup that reforests after wildfires using heavy-lift drone swarms in what once were heavily forested areas.

Droneseed was founded to make reforestation scalable and to mitigate one of the worst effects of climate change. The company is now a 1-stop-shop for reforestation providing seeds, seedlings, aerial seeding, and financing through carbon credits.

Grant has dedicated his entire career to sustainability—including working for the US Green Building Council in its early days, is a Mulago Foundation Fellow, and was on the Grist List of 50 Fixers.

We dive deep into…What a maggot entrepreneur is, the abbreviated history of reforestation, how carbon recaptured on a small scale is only a ‘feel good’ product, what it takes to scale to 1 million+ acres, and so much more! Including…How is the average (human) tree planter a superhero?

This episode is particularly valuable for…everyday tech employees like Ty & myself, who might not know much about climatetech and want to know about some of the most newsworthy, badass technologies happening to get us out of this mess. As well for environmental stewards, environmental activists, and generally anyone who considers themselves an Earth lover ✋

Onward (& up)!


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Show Notes

  • [0:35] How was Droneseed started?
  • [4:02] What’s the future of this industry look like?
  • [6:50] What does the business landscape look like for you right now? Are you all finding new customers?
  • [10:27] Why Droneseed needs to go to scale, and very fast
  • [11:04] Are carbon offsets keeping up with the scale that we need?
  • [13:22] How trees are not a magical bullet for climate change
  • [15:25] How does Droneseed scale?
  • [18:01] How Droneseed solves scaling the number of offset projects
  • [20:15] Why companies should be buying offsets NOW
  • [21:33] How if companies are not talking about climate change, they’re not selling a realistic vision of the future
  • [23:00] How carbon offsets work
  • [26:01] What is the next big step change in climate action?
  • [29:31] How altruistic solutions won’t save the Earth
  • [31:19] Rapid mayhem questions!
  • [34:12] Climate change is so big. People often feel helpless in helping. So what can a listener do?
  • [37:29] Where can we find you?

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When did YOU start thinking about climate change? Have you made changes in your life because of it? Comment below 🙏🏽

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