Why Go to a Growth Marketing Conference (And Top 3 to Attend)

Have you ever wanted to go to a conference but didn’t know which one to pick?

There are thousands of conferences a year in America alone and all of them can seem incredible and enticing.

If your purpose is to learn valuable strategies of how to grow your customer base or build your network of talented performance and digital marketers, then growth marketing conferences are your ticket.

I’ve dug through 20+ conferences to pick out the top 3 to attend that are happening in the next 6 months, based on 3 metrics: relevancy (to the goal), quality of speakers, and location:

Do you know of a great conference coming up related to growing a startup? Share below (doesn’t have to be happening in the next 6 months either).


*NOTE: Estimated date; this conference has yet to be announced for 2019.

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