“Jakub dug deep into 1000s of customer reviews, giving me insights I hadn’t had before. I never realized our customers loved our brand so much…(and) was given guidance on my customer’s desires.

I found that one of our new products was becoming very popular, more so than our legacy products. This was a big surprise that has had us focusing on marketing this product. We have been selling these like crazy now.”

Reuben Schroeder, CEO of Hangry Kits

With product sales surpassing $100B in 2017, over 5 million sellers across all 12 marketplaces, and 66% of top sellers using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), the Amazon marketplace place is both entrepreneurially daunting and inspiring.

With low barriers of entry (i.e. FBA), price sensitive customers, and an ecommerce environment being on Amazon’s turf, not your own, you can imagine the hyper-competition any seller experiences in any category.

The Challenge

I was approached in mid-2018 by a 6-figure Amazon seller, Hangry Kits, to help reconsider and revamp their marketing strategy.

Up until this point, the company had been operating on a simple marketing strategy bolstered by 1) word of mouth, 2) the novelty of the product and 3) a deep dedication to create an excellent, 100% American sourced, offering for customers.

The big question:

  • How do you differentiate a unique product, a care package, on a price conscious platform with several entrenched corporate-sized sellers able to sell at scale and bottom-floor prices?

The Solution

Beginning with deep research into the product, customer reviews, competitors, and the Amazon marketplace universe at large, I trusted that a strategy would start to unfold for us as we found small, medium, and big opportunities lurking in corners.

Like in the production of a great film where the script is the North Star for a pensive actor or director, customers provide the same compass for successful startup marketing

After analyzing 1000+ customer reviews and 2 years of Google Analytics data I was quickly able to find trends and untapped insights that could confidently lead to increased, repeat revenue.

Among many opportunities, we were able to identify some simple but powerful ways to optimize the ASIN page, in short the “product packaging” and thus an influential marketing aspect of each Hangry Kit care package.

The Outcome

A 20-page business strategy that included not only top Google Analytic insights and ASIN page optimizations, but 10 recommendations around an uncovered “blue ocean” strategy worth taking advantage of.

Further, the 10 recommendations were divided into easy, medium, and hard implementation “tiers”, and in the process assigned a score based on 5 of the most important factors worth considering (1-10 rating):

  • Cost: how much do you need to spend?
  • Targeting: how easy it is to reach the intended audience?
  • Input Time: how much time will it take you to action the recommendation?
  • Output Time: how long will it take to get results once it’s live?
  • Scale: how large an audience can be reached with the rec?

Within weeks the founding team begin implementing the above recommendations, now equipped with a marketing “script” that could confidently lead them to sustained future growth.

Skills Used

  • Analytics
  • Strategy
  • Product Marketing
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Influence & Persuasion

“I have been employing people for over 10 years and to find such a passionate hard-worker has been impossible…if you have a need, I’m sure you’ll want him. “

Reuben Schroeder, CEO of Hangry Kits

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