3 Easy Ways To Market Yourself

If you Google’d your name right now, what comes up?

Do you get dozens of other people who share it? A photographer in New York City slanging his services?

A rancher in Tulsa promoting sirloin steaks through the World Wide Web?

Where are you?

As Tim Ferriss says, “personal brand is about managing your name” and the concept of being the head marketer for yourself is increasingly becoming more important.

Fortunately, there are little, low cost hacks to make sure your brand is on-point and top of mind.

Here are 3.

#1: Create “Brand Guidelines” for Yourself

Pick a primary, secondary, and accent color that defines you (this can evolve, of course).

What imagery do you want associated with you? How about a specific font (typography) to always write your emails in?

I’m not saying you have to be the “man in black” or Steve Jobs with black turtle necks and Lees; but the little things do matter.

#2: Take Your Brand Guidelines and Put Them Into Action

Created a branded business card with all the fixings you just whipped up.

The real value in the business cards is in creating and printing a unique landing page and URL as a “call to action,” which might drive people using a compelling, high value offer (incentive, e-book, mailing list).

Get them to start engaging with your brand.

#3: Make Your Wifi Network & Password Relevant to Your Brand & Product

This is a huge missed opportunity for businesses. For example, if you sell coffee beans, consider making your Wifi name “Lopez Island Roasters” and the password “getsomebeanz.”

It’s subtle but the subconscious mind is powerful. If you want to take it a step further, consider creating a unique landing page of your website that’ll pop up upon entering the password.

Starbucks does this well with their Wifi Happy Hour that you automatically enroll into upon logging into their network.

Do you use any quirky yet unique ways to market yourself? Share them below!


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