How to Optimize Your Company Name With Google AdWords And $100

Have you every been stumped on a name?

I have. I still am.

The past 12 months I’ve be wrestling with the right title for a consulting business. ‘

Here are a few:

  • Chemystry Consulting
  • Kubicka Consulting
  • Purple Cow Marketing

And all don’t feel like “the one.”

Like most, I want one that 1) isn’t too vanilla (Kubicka Consulting) and 2) that hasn’t already been claimed (ex. Purple Cow Marketing).

So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

One word: test.

If you can’t decide, let the market make the decision for you.

Whether for your business, article, speech, book, or product, sometimes the title doesn’t slither into your subconscious, so why not leverage the magic of marketing bubble up the answer?

After all, your business is in service of your customer so they might as well have a say in this.

The idea first became apparent to me through podcaster and fascinating human, James Altucher, who was preparing to release his soon-to-be bestseller, Choose Yourself, and thought he’d use search ads to finalize his decision.

He picked 3 titles, The Choose Yourself Economy, Go Choose Yourself, and Choose Yourself, created 3 unique ads with each title in the copy, and put a few hundred dollars of spend behind it, and let her rip.

A few days later, the highest click through rate (CTR) showed the clear winner, the title that ended up being the most simple yet actionable. And the rest was history.

However, what James didn’t realize was his ability to open a small, temporary window into his future audience and quickly get the answer he desired.

Surprisingly, the tactic isn’t used enough and I believe because of the daunting task of launching a digital ad campaign.

But it’s easier than you think and could take less than 60 minutes. Simply follow this 10-step process:

  1. Gather 15 names (if you’re short on ideas, use Shopify’s name generator)
  2. Create a short list of 3 names (make all titles drastically different if possible)
  3. Create 3 subtitles to go with each name (these will serve as your ad’s sub-copy)
  4. Create 3 unique landing pages (use Launchacho to do this easily and at no cost)
  5. Create a Google Ads account
  6. Lay the groundwork for you campaign (set your $100 budget, unique keywords that could lead to your ad, bid, & targeted locations)
  7. Build your ads where you’ll copy & paste in your “creative” from #2-#4
  8. Launch!
  9. After 3 days, return to your ad and observe 1 metric, click through rate (CTR)
  10. Which ever ad had the highest CTR is your winner and voila! You’re done

Some things to consider to make sure to run the quickest yet most effective test:

  • Targeting: be deliberate about defining your customer and putting yourself in their shoes. What keywords would they be searching to make them compelled to click your search ad?
  • Copy: give good thought into a compelling subtitle, something that implies overwhelming value for the reader and thus, reason to click

Care to give it a spin? I challenge you to share your results with us.

I’ll even contribute.

If you agree to run a quality test, I’ll donate $25 to your testing cause; just reply in the comments below to “accepting the challenge” and within 3 days send a screenshot of your Google Ad campaign and the results garnered (and of course, the winner).


Can you relate?

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