#43: Sought-After Advisor, Speaker, & Writer, Nick Hughes, on the “Time of Experimentation” during COVID-19 (Part 1)

Nick Hughes (@jnickhughes) is a serial entrepreneur, blogger, and founder and CEO of Founder’s Live, a social network and global venue that gives modern entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn recognition, taste fame, connect with other entrepreneurs, and become rockstars.

Prior to Founder’s Live, Nick had a series of entrepreneurial adventures starting companies in local marketing, mobile payments, and SAAS, while holding advisory roles for a cryptocurrency ATM, a customer engagement tool, and much more.

Nick also is an active blogger (you can find him at soentrepreneurial.com) talking candidly about the tumultuous journey of founding a growing company.

Founders Live is in over 30 countries, 60 cities, with over 45,000 ambitious, active monthly users.

Nick was generous with his time to talk about the growth of Founder’s Live and it’s steady rise over the past 4 years. We talk frankly about the COVID-19 crisis and how it’ll change the business landscape for many years to come (and how Founder’s Live is adapting).

This episode is particularly valuable for 1) founders who’ve started a social network and would like insights into the struggles, triumphs, and complexity required to build this type of business or 2) startup marketers who want to consider in-person or virtual event marketing channels for driving organic growth.

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Show Notes

  • What’s your philosophy around creating content and experimenting [5:45]
  • How creating content is critical for personal brand building and finding your voice [9:21]
  • What channel or content is working now, for (achieving brand growth)? [12:06]
  • You mention it’s the time of experimentation. What do you mean by that? [17:15]
  • Have you done much experimenting with Founders Live? [19:59]
  • There will be massive innovation in online virtual collaboration and conference industry [25:35]
  • How Founders Live is evolving to adapt to a new normal during COVID-19 time [26:38]

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