#34: Health & Wellness Entrepreneur, Paul Clingan, and Leaving Amazon to Rapidly Grow a Body Mind Coaching Brand (Part 2)

Paul Clingan (@paul_clingan)  is a Lululemon Ambassador, certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and the founder of Down Dog Athletics, a fusion of 2 worlds, athletics & performance (“the dark”) with yoga & meditation (“the light”).

Prior to Down Dog Athletics, Paul spent 5 years in the advertising industry working both in-house (Amazon) and agency-side (Wieden + Kennedy) in the world of media planning and buying. Paul is a beast in his ability to not only create content (70+ podcast episodes, 20+ blog articles, 30+ videos), but to drive amazing results and growth for his brand, in rapid time.

This episode is particularly valuable for anyone starting their own personal brand or fitness coaching business, and wants to answer the question: how do you do it WELL?

Most entrepreneurs start out as a “1-human band”, constantly juggling the role of maker, manager, project manager, marketer, and salesman with growth being the lifeblood. Paul is a quintessential example of the constant orchestration at work.

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Show Notes

  • What’s an example of something (marketing-wise) that was unpredictably successful? [0:48]
  • How have you pivoted because podcasts were successful? [2:21]
  • Do you feel your brand leans more towards to one side than the other (of the “dark side” vs the “light side”)? [6:11]
  • Who is your audience? How would you describe them. [7:14]
  • Did you know that from the start, that past athletes was your audience? [9:27]
  • How we’ve all walked into an environment and seen the extreme of it [11:20]
  • How having an audience of team of athletes is a good new customer base [14:19]
  • How do you decide on your marketing strategy and business strategy? [18:01]
  • How to get the law of probability on your side [19:03]
  • How do you hold yourself accountable? [23:20]
  • With a couch, they hold you accountable to the bigger goals? [24:04]
  • How having good discipline and trust with yourself is crucial [25:14]
  • How increasing your capacity for stress allows someone to evolve to their potential [30:22]
  • How commitment to staying on your personal path is key [32:14]
  • What would you recommend to someone who wants to build a company or personal brand? [32:43]
  • How can I help you? [34:22]
  • Where can we find you? Any asks of the audience? [35:41]

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