Personality Tests & The Human Spirit

What personality test have you taken? The Color Personality Test? DISC assessment perhaps? Or the ever popular Myers Brigg Type Indicator? Seems like the internet is awash with personality exams; each with their own tiers, colors, categories, and acronyms. But what I’ve discovered taking these, the Color Personality Test being the most recent, is that it makes me a much better listener. “Listen to understand, not to respond” rings truer than ever.

Initial takeaway after all of this? Not everyone thinks like you do. A simple but honest reality that hopefully every human learns in life. Second takeaway? Getting someone to understand your POV might just require you to tailor your words more to their “type’s” way of processing communication. And the third and most impactful takeaway? Every person, when pushed to extremes, can become the negative version of their type. We all have moments of being over-sensitive, talking too much, lacking follow-thru, or experiencing “analysis paralysis” regardless of whatever category you’ve been slotted. And that’s okay, it doesn’t make you less human. Actually make you more real to accept it & not try to hide it from others.


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