#81: Cloud Paper: Getting Big-Name Investors, Perfect Not Being an Enemy of Good, & Changing Human Behavior (Part 2)

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Ryan Fritsch is…the CEO and co-founder of Cloud Paper, the Earth’s leading bamboo toilet paper company. Before Cloud Paper, Ryan and co-founder, Austin Watkins, were 2 ambitious young guns at Uber Seattle, where they helped grow the that location into a billion dollar+ revenue generator.

They fast-followed their Superpump days with roles at Convoy, where they deepened their Product and Ops experience in a In one of the biggest industries in the world – transportation. 

But they wanted more! More impact, more mission, greater stakes, which ultimately lead them to Cloud Paper. So what makes bamboo so extraordinary and earth-saving? I’m glad you asked.

As a replacement for pulp in paper, bamboo can make 6x more than a pine plantation, rapidly sequesters CO2 in biomass & soil which is faster than any other plant, and keeps it there for 100s or 1000s of years!

It’s a wonder plant on every front, making it the picture perfect material for TP.

After selling over a million rolls of Cloud Paper, Ryan has learned a thing or 2. 

We dive deep into…what got him interested in the sustainability space,  Cloud Paper’s inception story, what they learned about the consumer’s appetite to spend money on this, how they balance making money AND being good for the planet, and what’s Ryan’s ideal TP “weapon of choice”? 

This episode is particularly valuable for…consumer-product-good entrepreneurs who have flirted with the idea of starting a sustainable or social-good company, or the everyday remote worker who spends a lot of time at home and has wanted to become more carbon neutral in the products they use.

Bon appétit! Oh, and there MIGHT be a discount at the end, just listen for the promo code!


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Show Notes

  • [0:36] How having the right funding partners, who bring the right value-add
  • [2:24] Does government involvement need to change, to support companies like you?
  • [5:07] Anythings you would say to look out for, or pitfalls to plan for earlier than later, to new founders?
  • [7:43] And who’s had great advice for you?
  • [9:38] Who’s your customer persona?
  • [12:44] Replacing a routine with a new routine.
  • [13:31] Keeping consumers hyper-focused on product quality 1st
  • [16:09] Sustainable climate tech companies avoid marketing that they’re climate-friendly. Why do you all do the opposite?
  • [18:05] Why they do not want consumers to pay a ‘sustainability tax’
  • [19:54] What about products that DO have a ‘sustainability tax’? As consumers, should we be paying one?
  • [21:22] How the ‘window of consideration’, is very short when purchasing toilet paper
  • [22:56] What’s the next big step change in climate action or sustainability?
  • [25:48] Rapid mayhem questions!
  • [28:27] Climate change is so big. People often feel helpless in helping. So what can a listener do?
  • [29:53] Where can we find you? Where can we find Cloud Paper?

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