#46: Podcast Host and Wellness Entrepreneur, Sean McCormick, on Brand Archetypes and the Struggles of Personal Brand Growth (Part 2)

Sean McCormick (@floatseattle) is a personal coach, podcast host, and wellness entrepreneur who founded Float Seattle, the 1st float chain in Seattle.

A man of many endeavors, his personal coaching business has been his many focus and coaches an audience of C-suite executives, venture capitalists, senior directors, and founders across different industries.

His podcast, Optimal Performance Podcast (the OPP), is a podcast with over 10 million downloads, about taking your mental and physical performance to the next level. Listen to it here.

Whether it’s through nootropics, cutting-edge biohacking techniques, or adjusting your approach to nutrition and fitness, they have the best minds in the industry talk about how to achieve optimal performance in all areas of your life. Guests include Olympic athletes, neuroscientists, Navy Seals, authors, and more.

This episode was a hoot! We talk about “brand archetypes”  and Sean’s is indisputably “The Magician”. Magicians make dreams come to reality, are seen as visionary and spiritual, and common brands associated with this are Apple, Disney, and Absolut.

We cover a range of topics but in particular Sean’s decisions and growth of building an upscale coaching business, a float center, and a personal brand.

We also have a candid conversation about his opportunity to reach his personal brand’s full potential, something I really appreciated and found valuable for anyone who finds difficulty in balancing marketing, business development, and operations as a “1 man band”. I personally do!

This episode is particularly valuable for 1) anyone who’s considered started a life coaching business and 2) anyone who is building a personal brand and considering all the moving pieces (and where to get help).

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Show Notes

  • With the coaching business, how did you get your 1st client? [1:40]
  • What kind of audience wants Sean as a coach? [3:59]
  • Are you interested in development of Sean’s (customer) avatar, or people that are drawn to Sean? [5:06]
  • What’s the audience for the (Stop Method) course? [8:31]
  • The thread is high performers, highly ambitious, insatiable. Are those qualities in some of your clients? [10:07]
  • Are there any demographic trends in terms of sex or ages? [10:31]
  • How did you start building your brand? [12:55]
  • How these brand archetypes are based on Jungian psychology [17:12]
  • (Your brand archetype) has guided your marketing strategy? [19:11]
  • How do you make decisions around direct marketing? Is it calculated? [20:40]
  • How Sean’s online marketing is not world class yet [25:57]
  • How it’s rare to be aligned and authentic in changing people’s lives, AND good at the marketing [26:47]
  • How having control of brand experience is crucial (float centers as an example) [35:09]
  • How there is a difference between a brand marketer and direct marketer [37:21]
  • How I can help with direct marketing [40:01]
  • Rapid growth questions [40:27]
  • How can I help you? Where can we find you? [42:27]
  • Any asks of the audience? [43:35]

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