The Yin and Yang of Marketing: A/B Test Your Way to Success

Always be closing?

More like always be testing!

Contrary to AI fanatics and enthusiasts, I still believe split testing is a bread and better technique that is an essential part of marketing, especially in digital.

Why? Because as much as algorithms and machine learning systems can pick the best creative and copy for you, we as humans can still garner some great wisdom and insights along the testing journey.

Not to mention, the spur of ideas that come from this experimental process.

No, I think humans, marketers, and business leaders will become partners with artificial intelligence, being able to run iterations of tests that much quicker and thus, optimize to the most potent creative that sticks with their audience.

For those who don’t know, A/B testing is the most basic form of experimentation by creating 2 universes, if you will.

In Universe A, you have your regular, no frills campaign, or your control.

In Universe B, you have the wild child, Frankenstein test that will tell whether your hunch (or hunk) has legs or not, or your variable.

The “why” behind running endless A/B tests is triple-hold:

#1: A way to test all your assumptions

It mitigates risk and makes sure you operate with some level of constraints and target using the most effective creative rather than waste time and money serving lukewarm ads, building average products, or weak websites.

#2: Is the most effective way to optimize ads, products, and websites

It’s multi-functional and can be applied to everything in product, marketing, and operations. Specific to marketing, it leads to better conversion rates since you’ll ultimately deliver more of the best performing ads and less of the duds.

#3: Destroys group think and HiPPOs (highest paid person’s opinion)

The great equalizer!

By fostering a culture of split testing, everyone can be empowered to take action and prove impactful changes and direction.

Still not sold?

If you’re a content marketer, consider testing different lead magnets to drive sign-ups to your mailing list (ex. Offer vs e-book).

If you’re a sales manager, why not split your team and make 1/2 use the current value propositions and “reasons to believe” and the other test the new value props that leadership has been cooking up.

And finally, if you’re a performance marketer, take Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of influence and test 6 different creative respective to each principle, seeing which one has the highest conversions and lowest CPAs.

Do you have an A/B testing success story? Share in the comments below!


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