#79: What on Earth is Climate Mayhem? 2 Startup Junkies, Big Thinking, & a Hypothesis.

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“I thought you guys were startup guys? Why are you talking now about climate change?”

Well, here’s the story….Startup super geek and marketplace expert, Ty Wolfe Jones, loves talking to entrepreneurs who are big thinkers, people making dents in the Earth. And award-winning marketer & biophiliac, Jakub Kubicka, well, he was a little tired! Not of life but of 77 episodes of The Daily Marketer. 

So Ty posed a fascinating question: if you could talk about anything, with a microphone, what would it be about?

The answer? Jakub had been thinking a ton about climate change! You know….the feeling of guilt when you buy individually wrapped Mott’s fruit snacks? Or leaving the lights on when you go to the store?

He started asking….”Are we screwed? Will we survive? Can we get out of this mess?”

But, they’re not experts in climate….they love startups, entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, etc. So, could they bring that to this big topic?

That led to a crazy idea (and a hypothesis): like startups making huge profits through innovation, people innovating to help the planet should also profit.

They looked to see if this had been done before and while they didn’t find anything, they did learn that they can’t be a tree-hugging, preachy podcast. They’re also not science geeks who know the latest research. 

So they decided to do this their way….

Now you get to Join them, 2 startup junkies, talking to amazing entrepreneurs and operators about their climate startups and together they’ll test this hypothesis: can you help the planet, while making it rain dollar signs? 💵

Episodes will come out every Tuesday, with a different guest every 2 weeks. Learn more at climatemayhem.com, where you can drop questions, join our What-The-Climate mailing list, and of course get links to Spotify, Apple, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Welcome to Climate Mayhem 🌍

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