The Daily Marketer Season 2 Comes July 14th (Sneak Peek Inside!)

“Making stuff is great. Making connections is better.” -Seth Godin

I know it’s been quiet as a mouse here lately and I wanted to let you know that’s because we’ve been working hard on a new season of The Daily Marketer.

The inception of season 2 started with a question: what if I brought together subject-matter-experts in different categories of marketing (branding, social media, paid advertising, affiliate) and sussed out the tips, tools, and tactics so anyone can use these to grow their company?

So I brought together 11 different experts in their own right and brought them on the show.

As well I thought it’d be valuable to bring on a selection of entrepreneurs, in startups, fitness, consulting, and coaching who I wanted to dive deep into their growth marketing journey so you could borrow some successful approaches and strategies from them.

The show premieres July 14th with 4 episodes (that’s right!) with Brian Marcus, the VP of Marketing at Tune, the pioneer in mobile measurement and affiliate marketing SAAS, and Paul Clingan, the founder of Down Dog Athletics.

As a growth exercise, we’re doing something special this season:

If you review, subscribe, or download 2 episodes, we’ll enter you into a $50 Amazon gift card contest, which we’ll announce the winner of every other week.

To make it a little more fun, if you do the 3rd option, download 2 episode, and download just 3 more (5 total), you’ll be entered into a $100 Amazon gift card raffle, which we’ll also announce every 2 weeks the winner.

Take care for now and catch you soon on the show.


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