#48: From NYC to New England, Paralegal to Push Marketing, Trevor McGraw, on Why Every Startup Should Try Programmatic (Part 2)

Trevor McGraw (@trevor_mcgraw) is a Senior Director and one of the founding members of Appcast, the pioneer in pay-per-apply programmatic advertising.

Appcast has legitimately changed how leading employers, recruitment firms, ad agencies, and job sites attract high-quality job seekers through Appcast Exchange (aggregator), and Clickcast (SAAS). Clickcast is used by leading recruitment advertising agencies like Recruitics, Bayard, and HireClix. I highly recommend giving them a peek here.

Trevor went from being a paralegal at one of the largest law firms in the world, Kaye Scholer, to the 1st sales rep at Appcast where he cut his teeth and earned badges as a high performing salesman. His repeated success lead to rising roles within the company, ultimately landing him where he is now as Senior Director of “Gig Economy” Appcast clients.

This conversation was academic (best word to describe it). Trevor has a talent at breaking down and simplifying complex topics (like programmatic job ads) into digest-able pieces that a founder or 1st time marketer can understand.

We dive deep into what programmatic job ads are, who should be considering programmatic job ads as a viable marketing channel, how to become amazing at leveraging programmatic job ads, and much more (including company culture and how a founder influences the attitude of a startup).

This episode is particularly valuable for 1) founders who want to consider recruitment marketing for say, a marketplace with buyers/sellers, or 2) marketers who want a blueprint for smart marketing, testing, and customer acquisition.

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Show Notes

  • Is there a book or movie that has indirectly taught you about marketing? [0:55]
  • Is there a certain principle that jumps out in your head, when you think of The Art of Seduction [3:56]
  • Why programmatic job ads has been such a disruptive innovation (in marketing) [11:35]
  • Summarization of the Pay Per Post, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Apply timeline [17:39]
  • If I’m a new marketplace company, how does one get good at leveraging programmatic job ads? [21:06]
  • When you say funnel changes, what do you mean? [23:05]
  • Why you need to know each marketplace, job candidate, and test different things out repeatedly [27:45]
  • What makes programmatic job ads secretly simple? [28:14]
  • What is an optimization and what’s an example? [30:31]
  • What’s a Demand Side Platform (DSP)? What does that mean? [32:44]
  • What are gig economy companies doing that’s working well? Pre-COV-ID19, Post COVID-19 [33:45]
  • How many new hires do gig economy companies need to get? [34:21]
  • The complicated problem of marketplaces (supply and demand) [34:40]
  • What’s the (job) market like right now with COVID-19? [37:45]
  • The evolution of human behavior and website building on the Internet [40:05]
  • Are there patterns you’re seeing with PPE being an important element in a job? [41:40]
  • What is the future of gig economy companies with the pandemic? [42:16]
  • Rapid growth questions [47:31]
  • Any recommendations for experimentation methodology? [51:24]
  • Where can we find you? [53:04]
  • Any asks of the audience? [53:30]

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