#61: Startup Historian & Marketplace Guru, Ty Wolfe Jones, on The Beating Ops Heart of Kickass Startups & The “Uber Everywhere” Mantra (Part 1)

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This is Ty Wolfe-Jones & I’s new, special season of The Daily Marketer, where we’ve spoken with over a dozen marketplace leaders & pioneers from UberConvoyBellhopDoordashRover, as well as rising stars, so to gather proven blueprints, hacks & tactics to growing a marketplace. Enjoy!


Ty Wolfe Jones is a marketplace leader, guru, operator spending most of his career in the startup, tech industry.

Ty comes from an entrepreneurial family, spending his childhood & teens in the cotton fields of Tulare (TO-LARRY), California, patching tires of 40 foot tall tractors, 2 miles deep in a field cresting @ sunset.

Fast forward to “young, reckless cowboy Ty” and we find him operating in the enhanced drink industry, becoming 1 of the 1st founding members of Zipfizz, Cha Dao Tea, PHIX, and Nuun.

After a stint here, he entered the world of startups and worked at well-known names like Tango Card, Uber, & Doordash. 

A lover of the northwest, a fine scotch whisky & cigar, over the course of 10 years Ty’s scaled early-stage marketplaces as “The Operations Guy”, expanded into new markets @ Uber & Doordash, and forged teams, pioneered relationships, & pushed boundaries

This conversation was a hoot, Ty is a truthsayer, direct as nails, and a fountain of marketplace stories, making him a delight as a partner on this turbine journey into marketplace pandemonium. 

Did you know Ty has a personal cigar room? Think of a sauna, but just for smoking the Earth’s most magnificent stogies

This episode is particularly valuable for anyone who’s an Operations Manager or works in any level of Support @ a marketplace or fledgling tech startup. Ty has the answers, if you have the questions!

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Without further ado, enjoy this colorful conversation with Ty Wolfe Jones!

Show Notes

  • Why are we doing this (Marketplace Mayhem)? [3:36]
  • What you’re getting by listening to Marketplace Mayhem? [8:19]
  • What does a tire buster do? [9:33]
  • Were you a tire buster? [10:28]
  • Why did you get into marketplaces? [13:09]
  • What did you find from the experiment of testing Uber outside of major metros? [17:00]
  • What does an “Ops Guy” do exactly? [18:20]
  • How Ty developed his niche, by being a generalist, within marketplaces [20:34]
  • How Ty was original member of many startups [22:17]
  • The chicken or the egg problem. Which came 1st at Wrench or DoorDash? [23:02]
  • How Uber was an example of “magic” through smartphones [25:32]
  • At DoorDash, there’s 2 sources of Supply: drivers & restaurants [28:13]
  • Where does DoorDash become “magical”? [29:32]
  • How ghost kitchen restaurants/meals were more “advanced magical moments” [31:02]

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