Week 1-The Biggest Obstacle Is Yourself

The biggest obstacle in achieving anything is yourself. Back when we were in high school, we had the fortune of having teachers who held us accountable. Out of school, this role is slotted to the closest person nearby, a.k.a. you! But are we the best accountability metric? Don’t we often compromise on even our daily goals of “going to the gym today,” or “reading 10 pages” of that book you really want to read but didn’t seem to have time to get to?

Enter Rich Guldi, a dependable and loyal friend & coworker who spurred an idea while taking a stroll around campus: to create our own job search internship. A 9-week long journey where we would act as each other’s accountability metric. We would check in every Monday immediately after work to discuss “weekly expectations” assigned for the week prior. It would start out easy, making it silly to not do it. And to hold us to that commitment, we drafted up a respective agreement and signed it.

This week’s expectation? Apply to 1 job.

Thus, I’ll be using this blog to document the journey of getting a job that 1) plays to my strengths and 2) I love. I applied to Formative, a small-digital marketing consulting agency that totes “strategy led digital” as their credence. The position is a Business Analyst position for Marketing Platforms but hope to make a case to 1st  “be on their bus” and then find the right seat.


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