Week 2-Hacking The Job Market

This internship is a “foot in the door” to job searching. Having a weekly assignment of applying to 1 job simply got the ball rolling so once it started going, there was no stopping.

Case in point:

Week #2’s expectation: apply to 1 job and schedule to attend a networking event. Reality: over 7 days, I’ve applied to 8 jobs at 5 different companies:

  1. Lenati-Marketing and Sales Strategy Consultant
  2. Fine Solutions-general inquiry
  3. Synergy Business Solutions-general inquiry
  4. Bit Titan-Field Marketing Coordinator
  5. Microsoft-3 Marketing Manager Positions for Skype and Windows 10

We intentionally made the internship easy so we wouldn’t build it up in our heads as this big, daunting task. At 1st when you think about finding a new job, you develop all these limiting beliefs and intimidate yourself into thinking it’ll be a long, hard road. There’s no jobs out there that fit my strengths or speciality…I don’t have time to get feedback on my resume and update it…I don’t want to have to write a new cover letter for each job…But you don’t know till you actually search. Already 2 weeks in and I’ve been surprised many times at the demand for marketing professionals and their skills.

I think companies are beginning to see the value of marketing and branding outside of sales & a logo that was created when the company was just a startup.

Anyway, I’m most excited about 2 companies I listed above: Lenati, a marketing consulting company that uses data analytics to do marketing strategy, and Bit Titan. The attractive thing about Bit Titan is not the work they do, but the vibrant culture their boast. Who knew someone could make cloud services sexy?


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