#104: Sealing the Gap: Andy Frank on Merging Capitalism and Sustainability in the Home Efficiency Market

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Did you ever think being more comfortable, could be saving the planet?

Well, it’s possible. Yes, no kidding!

Andy Frank (@AndyJFrank) is Founder & President of Sealed, a climate-tech company that finances home weatherization, insulation, and heat pumps using the dollars homeowners SAVE, by using their service.

We dive deep into…

  • Who the hell is Amory Lovins (one of the most fascinating human alive)?
  • How does Sealed make a super old, 125-year-old home more efficient?
  • What’s Sealed’s GAF (greedy AF) vs LAF (lazy AF) philosophy? 

Sealed is re-writing the playbook on climate change. They’re helping you help the planet, all from never leaving your house.

But Sealed is leaving the house! They’re already in 7 states & expanding fast to the rest of the US (go to sealed.com and plug in your zip code to see if they’re in your area)!

If you’re intrigued, keep listening & you’ll find out more 🙂 Enjoy & take care!

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Show Notes

  • [4:02] Is that a mini-split (heating and cooling system) behind you? Or a heat pump?
  • [4:51] Do you have an older home?
  • [5:20] Who is Amory Lovins? Why is he an inspiration for you?
  • [7:32] Can you explain how Amory Lovins never had to turn on the heat in his house?
  • [10:46] What inspired you to work in sustainability?
  • [13:39] What got you to lean harder into energy efficiency & climate?
  • [14:52] How have your thoughts changed over time (on climate)?
  • [17:14] How did you get to Sealed?
  • [21:11] Can you talk us through the financing part of Sealed?
  • [24:01] How does Sealed come in and help me (and my home)?
  • [26:44] What do you mean by (home) energy efficiency? How are you measuring it.
  • [28:52] Do you all have a guess of how many homes you have to make more efficient, to make an impact?
  • [31:55] How are you thinking about government & policy with what Sealed is doing now?
  • [33:39] How has the climate bill affected Sealed?
  • [37:40] Do you feel like the climate bill is changing consumer behavior?

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What obstacles have you encountered in making your home more sustainable, and how did you overcome them? Comment below 😎

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