#103: The Art of Eco-Narratives: Josh Garrett on Pioneering Climate-Positive Communications

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Josh Garrett (@jgarrett9) is CEO and co-founder of Redwood Climate Communications, a PR firm that’s on a mission to help curb the climate crisis by telling the stories of incredible companies behind promising solutions. 

But what does this really mean?

Well, climate change is complex, and some of the mechanics behind the solutions are too! So how should a company simplify the ‘what’ and the ‘how’?

That’s where Redwood comes in.

They have supported a ton of companies, some that you might recognize are Google Nest, The Nature Conservancy, and Rocky Mountain Institute.

They also are the PR agency of record for a few of our guests! Including DroneSeed (now called Mast Reforestation), Floodbase, and a couple coming soon 😊

Josh is a cool cat. He’s worked in journalism (Huffington Post), politics (a previous New York mayor), and tech (Antenna). His calm exterior hides a deep enthusiasm for the natural world that we tried to suss out during the interview!

We dive deep into…

  • How has the zeitgeist of “talking about climate” changed over the past 30 years?
  • How climate change is perfectly designed, so to do nothing about it
  • How do you create more Tesla brands?
  • How has the failure of the current climate movement been a “give up to serve the planet” message?

We know you’ll dig this one! Enjoy and Mayhem on 🌲

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Show Notes

  • [0:48] Tesla built a brand and made it sexy, regardless of the climate impact. How do you think about that as a PR person?
  • [5:12] As a PR guy, how do you change the way we talk about this (climate change)?
  • [8:26] How do you apply this to the companies who are steeped in the science of climate?
  • [12:54] How the fossil fuel industry & special interest groups have been shaping the narrative around fossil fuels the past 100 years
  • [18:15] What are the fossil fuel industry & special interest groups doing? Because it’s working!
  • [21:37] How does the IRA change the money conversation?
  • [25:33] What are your tips & tricks to founders wanting to start Earth-saving companies?
  • [26:48] From your unique perspective, what’s the next big step change in climate tech or sustainability?
  • [30:46] Rapid mayhem questions!
  • [33:51] Climate change is so big, people often feel helpless in helping. What is the equivalent of what a listener can do?
  • [36:52] Where can we find you? Where can we find Redwood?

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