#87: Kerbo Charge: Breaking Habits, Tinders of Launching a Climatetech Startup & Getting Their Groove on (Part 2)

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Michael Goulden is the co-founder of Kerbo Charge, a UK startup providing electric car charging for people with no off-street parking. Their secret sauce lies in their patented high strength polycarbonate duct through a small channel in a sidewalk, to your EV charging port. Voila! 👩‍🎨

Kerbo Charge (KC) was founded in 2021 because of a shared frustration of how difficult it is to charge your car at home, in a crowded metro like London. Founding team Michael, Roger Brown and Maya De Paz are on a mission to make it easy for everyone in the UK to charge their EV. No more range anxiety needed (more on that later).

We dive deep into…who the hell was William Morrison? What else is needed to make EVs more accessible? Regulation-wise, what is KC having to deal with? How is being part of the Milton Keynes Accelerator Program, accelerating KC? What is the investor landscape right now for something innovative like this?

This episode is particularly valuable for…electric vehicle owners or enthusiasts who have been scratching their heads of how to charge an EV with street parking, as well as any entrepreneur who has been curious about the EV charger space but unsure of where to get started (especially from a regulation or product point-of-view).

A highly innovative startup early in its life. We hope you enjoy this one! 🚘


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Show Notes

  • [0:39] What’s this duct? I have to carve a groove in my sidewalk?
  • [3:37] So you are selling on a ROI (return on investment)?
  • [4:56] What are you projecting out? How long does it take.
  • [7:57] Going to public charging stations is a habit
  • [10:17] What could you offer to anyone going into this space?
  • [11:39] Is there an investor market here? In sustainable transportation.
  • [12:17] What’s the investor landscape look like?
  • [12:56] Are there any gaps that VCs are not funding, but should be?
  • [15:05] What do you think about hydrogen energy?
  • [17:09] Are angels able to provide value, or are they just writing checks?
  • [18:46] Which incubator program are you part of?
  • [22:25] Climate Mayhem questions!
  • [27:09] Climate change is so big! Where is the place that people can best spend their money and time?

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