#68: “The Uber For Everyday Tasks”? Former KPMG Senior Manager, Michael Goulden, on Growing Pinga to Over 40,000 Downloads (Part 2)

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Who is Pinga? This is a very special episode that catches a marketplace at the END of it’s journey.

Michael Goulden is the founder & CEO of Pinga, the original courier service in the UK that would bring any needed item to your hand from 15-120 mins, from your neighbor next door, AKA “The High Street in your hands”, AKA “The Uber For Everyday Tasks” (~Evening Standard).

Before Pinga, Mr. Goulden was a Senior Manager & business consultant at KPMG where he had an itch in the startup marketplace world he needed to scratch.

Over the course of 5 years Pinga grew to over 40,000 downloads, 10,000 active customers, raised over 700,000 pounds, and was live across every neighborhood of London.

This conversation was fascinating! Like listening to….the Pinga “discography”. We dives deep into… beta launching at a UNI, the evolution of pricing through algorithms, NETWORK EFFECTS and PLOT TWISTING pivots to make a marketplace successful, Pinga’s flywheel and the constant battle, partnering with Co-op grocery stories, and so much more.

This conversation is particularly valuable for FOUNDERS a startup junky wanting to study the marketplace dynamics at play and how complicated (yet fun) it can be to play with.

Enjoy this special episode!

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Show Notes

  • How Pinga’s balance of supply & demand reminds [1:12]
  • Did you start to partner with retailers and other shops? [2:59]
  • How did you start to think about the business (strategy) and the teams? [6:44]
  • How do you maintain quality to your customers, couriers, and partners? [9:33]
  • How Pinga has a human touch to it, the whole journey [13:03]
  • How Pinga wanted to build on solid foundations [14:40]
  • How speed of delivery is so important to customers [18:19]
  • Rapid mayhem questions! [19:11]
  • Where can we find you and/or Pinga? [24:03]

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