#33: Content Marketing and Building a Brand from Scratch With Body Mind Coaching Entrepreneur, Paul Clingan (Part 1)

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Paul Clingan (@paul_clingan)  is a Lululemon Ambassador, certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and the founder of Down Dog Athletics, a fusion of 2 worlds, athletics & performance (“the dark”) with yoga & meditation (“the light”).

Prior to Down Dog Athletics, Paul spent 5 years in the advertising industry working both in-house (Amazon) and agency-side (Wieden + Kennedy) in the world of media planning and buying. Paul is a beast in his ability to not only create content (70+ podcast episodes, 20+ blog articles, 30+ videos), but to drive amazing results and growth for his brand, in rapid time.

This episode is particularly valuable for anyone starting their own personal brand or fitness coaching business, and wants to answer the question: how do you do it WELL?

Most entrepreneurs start out as a “1-human band”, constantly juggling the role of maker, manager, project manager, marketer, and salesman with growth being the lifeblood. Paul is a quintessential example of the constant orchestration at work.

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Show Notes

  • What influence did baseball have on who you are today? [4:45]
  • How being present and “completing many reps” is critical to achieving ultimate success [7:00]
  • What signal do you listen to, to know the marketing is going right or wrong? [8:35]
  • How did you end up in marketing? [11:06]
  • Did you have any idea when you got the job offer, the caliber of advertising and marketing there? [17:27]
  • What does a media planner do? [19:09]
  • How Paul personally grew while at Wieden + Kennedy [23:20]
  • Was your role at Amazon similar to the role at Wieden + Kennedy? [24:29]
  • What Paul took from working at Amazon [25:49]
  • How did Wieden + Kennedy and Amazon experience define your marketing strategy at Down Dog Athletics? [26:40]
  • Why to be the worst player on the best team [28:15]
  • How do you make so much content and why is that an important part of your marketing? [29:40]
  • Had you been creating content before you built the brand? [32:15]
  • How being creative and irreverent is a theme for Paul [35:10]
  • End of episode & $50 Amazon gift card raffle opportunity [37:14]

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Read for part 2? Listen to it here!

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