#91: A&R Solar: Running a Purpose-Driven Company, How Power is Politics, & The Blue Ocean of the Trades (Part 2)

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Reeves Clippard is the co-founder & CEO of A&R Solar, the highest rated and most prolific solar installation company in the Northwest. Aside from being an early-mover in the space (mid-2000s), they’re also certified B Corp, employee owned, and have the greatest ride-or-die customers that rave about them in every cul du sac of the internet. A purpose-driven company from day 1, when they started A&R Solar in 2007 they had 3 goals: 

  1. Deliver exceptional value to customers
  2. Treat employees like family
  3. Do their part to help change the world

15 years later, they’ve blown all 3 out of the water and continue to treat their customers, employees, and planet with the utmost respect. A self-proclaimed renewables geek, Reeves 1st cut his teeth as a solar panel installer where he realized the massive future potential of solar. He jumped into the deep end & started A&R Solar soon after with Andy Yatteau.

We dive deep into…How are selling mattresses & A&R solar related? What’s the ‘solar coaster’? Why do we need to prop up the solar roof industry, with government subsidies? What’s the consumer appetite for solar panels? And finally, how does Reeves balance making money AND being good for the planet?

This episode is particularly valuable for…anyone who believes the work they do everyday should serve a greater purpose and want to hear from an everyday Jack who’s proved it’s possible, or anyone who’s considered installing solar panels but never pulled the trigger! We’re happy to connect you to Reeves if you have a change of heart 💙

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Show Notes

  • [0:36] How A&R Solar was ahead of the curve with their ‘people 1st’ mentality
  • [3:15] The history of the government involvement the last 15 years has been a wild ride. What’s that ride been like?
  • [4:04] ‘Power is politics’
  • [8:38] How the government will always be behind what the people want
  • [12:09] Do we need government programs to buy solar?
  • [14:45] How balancing both self-control and self-determination is a trait of the Pacific Northwest
  • [16:56] How is the IRA going to help A&R Solar?
  • [19:08] Labor. Do you see labor being an issue in solar?
  • [23:45] Did the IRA talk about support for people to get training in solar?
  • [24:50] What is the next big step change in climate or sustainability?
  • [28:55] Climate mayhem questions!
  • [31:43] What is the equivalent of what a listener could do
  • [33:49] Any calls-to-action before we go?

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