#107: Redefining the Financial Landscape: Zach Stein Discusses Carbon Collective’s Impact on the ClimateTech Ecosystem

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What if your investments could help you AND the future of the planet at the same time?

Today on Climate Mayhem, we answer that EXACT question and give you a secret to saving the planet and to securing your own future!

Zach Stein is the CEO & co-founder of Carbon Collective, a modern investment platform that combines cutting-edge technology with an earth-saving focus. 

And a real human touch! Forget complexity and confusion – Carbon Collective simplifies your investing and helps the planet 🌎

Today we tackle some big challenges head-on:

  • How storytelling transforms the climate change conversation (you’ll see how Zach is really good at ‘walking the talk’) 
  • How big changes are more important than small changes (like what you drive, what you buy, and what you invest in) 💰
  • And Zach definitely stresses the immense financial impact of this global crisis and the money needed to invest, from companies & individuals, to make a real difference 

We covered a lot, but this episode isn’t just educational, this tool is something for you right now –  Get ready to invest in your future with ease as we introduce you to Carbon Collective‘s powerful investment platform.

Join us, and Zach Stein, for some mayhem as we shape a sustainable future. 

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Show Notes

  • [1:28] How do we start to align these wild incentives that are starting to happen? With these big pressures and challenges. How do you think about this?
  • [3:45] How in the invention phase, you need a bunch of cheap capital
  • [5:00] How 1/3 of historic inflation has been due to the rising cost of extracting fossil fuels
  • [7:49] How does Carbon Collective get a billion assets under management, and not become evil?
  • [11:10] We have a $5T-$9T invested goal. How are we doing?
  • [14:16] So how are we pacing?
  • [16:05] Are government subsidies the right way to go about solving climate change?
  • [20:45] What do you think is the next big step change in climate and sustainability?
  • [22:28] Rapid Mayhem questions!
  • [25:51] You recommend big gears, broad strokes for each person taking climate action. Why do you recommend that?
  • [28:44] Where can we find you? How about Carbon Collective?

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What do you think? Do you see a potential conflict between profit-driven capitalism and sustainability companies? Can we strike a balance?

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