#106: Climate-Conscious Investing: Zach Stein on Carbon Collective’s Mission to Align Capitalism and Sustainability

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What if your investments could help you AND the future of the planet at the same time?

Today on Climate Mayhem, we answer that EXACT question and give you a secret to saving the planet and to securing your own future!

Zach Stein is the CEO & co-founder of Carbon Collective, a modern investment platform that combines cutting-edge technology with an earth-saving focus. 

And a real human touch! Forget complexity and confusion – Carbon Collective simplifies your investing and helps the planet 🌎

Today we tackle some big challenges head-on:

  • How storytelling transforms the climate change conversation (you’ll see how Zach is really good at ‘walking the talk’) 
  • How big changes are more important than small changes (like what you drive, what you buy, and what you invest in) 💰
  • And Zach definitely stresses the immense financial impact of this global crisis and the money needed to invest, from companies & individuals, to make a real difference 

We covered a lot, but this episode isn’t just educational, this tool is something for you right now –  Get ready to invest in your future with ease as we introduce you to Carbon Collective‘s powerful investment platform.

Join us, and Zach Stein, for some mayhem as we shape a sustainable future. 

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Show Notes

  • [4:01] You sold worm poop in a past life. How did you get into this?
  • [4:59] How did you find customers for that (worm) poop?
  • [5:49] I heard it can be “breakeven” in emissions saved vs. emissions made in agriculture. Is that true?
  • [9:38] How come you’re so convicted in what you do professionally?
  • [11:50] Did you parents instill that (discovery & hard work) in you?
  • [12:51] How Zach didn’t think climate would be an issue for him
  • [14:57] Why do we need to invest $5T-$9T per year into climate tech companies?
  • [19:13] What’s our “pacing” to that ($5T-$9T per year)?
  • [21:47] Is the mass adoption to EVs part of the $5T-$9T per year?
  • [22:59] How did you get to robo-investing?
  • [27:14] When you started to narrow in on investing, did you have to check (the business concept) with others who do not care about climate change?
  • [30:01] Divest, reinvest, and pressure the rest.
  • [30:28] If I buy a bunch of carbon offsets, is that considered ‘pressuring the rest’?
  • [31:17] Is that how planes who say “30% less emissions”? That they use plant sources of fuel (instead of fossil fuels)
  • [34:14] So a company who buys carbon offsets falls into your funds?
  • [35:07] Storytelling is part of the solution. How do we tell this story sexy enough, that it does change the game?
  • [38:22] We’ve done a pretty good job of bringing the awareness of climate change around
  • [39:10] Isn’t part of the problem, that we’ve been telling a negative story with climate change?
  • [42:25] How do you balance the idea of climate & capitalism co-existing? How do you counter the argument that we need to tear down capitalism?

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What do you think, though? Is it feasible to grow your wealth through investments in for-profit, climate-focused companies? Comment below 😎

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