10 Self-Serve Paid Ad Channels Worth Exploring (For Any Sized Company)

Do you know in 2016, 32% of B2B marketers didn’t know which digital channel had the biggest impact on revenue?

Or that 65% of customer journeys start on mobile yet 60% of those continue on PC?

Although the growth of mobile has been explosive, two of the biggest challenges for marketers has been 1) creating an integrated marketing universe and 2) finding scalable, low CPA paid ad channels outside of Facebook and Google.

As attribution evolves away from first touch and more last touch, linear, and time-decay, we as marketers will need to continue to explore channels outside Facebook & Google so to never rely too much on 1.

Below are 10 paid marketing channels that are worth exploring (respective to your audience & product) that meet at least 2 of the 3 requirements:

  • Large audience pool (monthly active users)
  • Self-serve platform
  • Minor-to-moderate quality reporting metrics

Social Networks

  • LinkedIn (500M, self-serve, moderate reporting metrics)
  • Snapchat (301M, self-serve, minor reporting metrics)
  • Twitter (335M, self-serve, minor reporting metrics)

Dating Sites

  • Grindr (6M, self-serve, moderate reporting metrics)
  • Plenty Of Fish (3M, self-serve, minor reporting metrics)


  • Reddit (330M, self-serve, moderate reporting metrics)
  • Quora (190M, self-serve, minor reporting metrics)

Music Platforms

  • Spotify (95M freemium, self-serve, minor reporting metrics)

Native Ads

  • Outbrain (self-serve, minor reporting metrics)
  • Taboola (1B, self-serve + sales rep, moderate reporting metrics)

Bonus: Worth Exploring

  • Airpush (mobile adds)
  • Yahoo (5th most visited site in the world)
  • Adblade (only high quality publishers)
  • Megaphone (podcast ads, self-serve, advanced reporting metrics)

Are you already using one of these? Comment below or if you think this could be useful for someone else, share with a friend.


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